1. November 2019

Basslover – Silver

BASSLOVER – SILVER Release in Stores Worldwide: 02.12.2019 This track, which reminds greatly of Cari Lekebusch – Drum and Noise Style, was directly after publishing added […]
1. November 2019

Böse Männer – Destroy the House

BÖSE MÄNNER – DESTROY THE HOUSE Release in Stores Worldwide: 16.12.2019 After Rainer Hackerberger and Jörg Paulus made their first club hit with Genuine Draft, they decided […]
1. November 2019

T.T. Hacky – Reach Out

T.T. HACKY – REACH OUT (DJ Simple Remix) Release in Stores Worldwide: 30.12.2019 Reach Out is the only track which was never published openly. When the original […]
1. November 2019

Trance 3 Tausend – Celtic Guitare

TRANCE 3 TAUSEND – CELTIC GUITARE Release in Stores Worldwide: 13.01.2020 Celtic Guitare is a Special Release from Thomas Rummler and Rainer Hackenberger. The Trance Clubhit was […]
11. November 2019

DJ Spacecase – Crazy Sounds

DJ SPACECASE – CRAZY SOUNDS Release in Stores Worldwide: 27.01.2020 Infos coming soon
14. November 2019

Midi Rocker – Old Times

MIDI ROCKER – OLD TIMES Release in Stores Worldwide: 10.02.2020 Infos coming soon
14. November 2019

T. Flash – Relax your Body / Deep

T. FLASH – RELAX YOUR BODY / DEEP Release in Stores Worldwide: 24.02.2020 Infos coming soon
1. November 2019

T.T. Hacky – Greatest Hits

T.T. HACKY – GREATEST HITS Rainer Hackenberger aka T.T. Hacky published so many tracks that it is time for a greatest hits album. Many of these […]