Bring Back The Groove was founded by Rainer Hackenberger (T.T. Hacky) in the year 2012.

First parties and events were organised under this name. Afterwards, in the year 2018, a live stream was started, which is broadcasted every Sunday von 21h to 23h on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. The main topic of this live stream is Techno Classics and the stories behind them. Due to the fact that Rainer Hackenberger also had a successful music label in the 90’s, called Affix Records, but no digital versions were published, he now decided to publish all music tracks of Affix label (over 20 publications), as well as the classic tracks of his fellow DJ colleagues on BBTG. In case you have produced Techno Classics but are still in search of a publication for these tracks, please leave us a message. 

We look forward to them.

Enjoy the tracks which touch our hearts… „Music is our passion!“